jeudi 27 avril 2017

Max Ernst

Max Ernst - The Angel of Hearth and Home. 1937

Une Semaine de Bont (A Week of Kindness), 1934, Max Ernst

Max Ernst
Human Figure, 1931.

The Attirement of the Bride, 1940, oil on canvas, by Max Ernst. 
In addition to all the symbolism, this beautiful and terrifying painting was intended to mock abstract painting. It was opulently painted, full of details and dependent on the figure.  

Max Ernst (1891-1976, German) - Collage taken from Max Ernst’s Une Semaine de Bonté(A Week of Kindness) which has a massive amount of collages. In order to create his masterpieces, Ernst cut-up up various pictures from three different Victorian books and then re-pasted random pieces together, which resulted in inexplicable and unimaginable scenes filled with mutant figures, 1933.

Max Ernst, L’évadé (The Fugitive); Den imaginära sommaren: Histoire Naturelle (Natural History), frottage on paper collotypes, 1927.

Max Ernst - Midnight Passes Above the Clouds, 1920

Max Ernst, Ubu Imperator, 1923.

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