pinturas de primavera, mayo, los BELLOS DIAS

”May day” (1912) Daniel Garber (American, 1880-1958) oil on canvas; 106.68 x 127 cm; 42 x 50 in. Private Collection

André Brouillet A Walk by the River, 1890
"Ode to the Spring"

Cristina Coral
Odilon Redon Mystical Conversation, 1896
Frederick Morgan (🇬🇧 c. 1850-1927), The Butterfly

by Heinz Yao Tseng🎨

Spellbound Frederick George Cotman (1850 - 1920)

William Henry Margetson Fresh lavender, 1909
William Henry Margetson
Herbert Vos (1855 - 1935) The Empress Dowager Cixi (Tzu Hsi) 1906


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