vendredi 10 février 2017

No, no hay nada que entender, "Allahu akbar" es un grito chino.

No, no hay nada que entender, la gente  se cree superbuena porque acepta y defiende lo ignoble, con la excusa " es  contra Trump." 

La hija de esta sra y un joven que intentó salvarla fueron asesinados a cuchilladas por un terrorista que gritaba "allahu akhbar" en Australia. Y ella arremete contra Trump por llamar al asesino "terrorista islámico."

Who killed Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson? Not necessarily a terrorist – even if he did yell ‘Allahu akbar’

Yeah, yeah.
And "Sieg Heil" has nothing to do with Hitler.
This person was acting in accord with the Koran.
But hey, that book's nothing like "Mein Kampf"

I'm beginning to think murdering muslims are just something I dreamed reading your articles.


I was not shocked by Trump’s inclusion of Mia and Tom’s deaths in his list of unreported terror attacks, but I was affronted by it., since it was at best a crass and callous error.
Our children’s deaths were ugly, and brutal, and must have been utterly terrifying, and I find my mind attempting to recreate those events on a regular basis. This is a hurtful process, but I think it’s something I need to go through out of my love for Mia. And one day I’m going to find the strength to visit the place where she died and meet the man who sat with her, risking his own life through those long hours of her death, and held her hand to sooth her while she died in his arms..
If I can find the strength to do this, surely some White House minion with a list to compile could take the trouble to get his facts right? Tom and Mia’s deaths were not committed out of some misguided interpretation of the Koran. When I went out to Australia to retrieve my daughter’s body, I met the young man, Chris Porter, who accompanied Mia to Home Hill, and he pointed out that Ayad had not prayed in all the time they were together working in the fields, so he certainly was not an Islamic fundamentalist.
Attempts had already been made by by right wing Australian politician Pauline Hanson to use Tom and Mia’s deaths as a means of preventing Muslim immigrants from entering Australia. But our children died at the hands of a French national. His name suggests Islamic roots (he was Libyan extraction) but that’s where the connection with Islam ends.
Mia was my only child, and what a gift of a child she was. A joyful creature, wiho could light up a room with her smile. Arguably, that’s why she atracted the attention of her killer. He was apparently infatuated with her, but this is not the full story. According to press reports, Ayad had threatened to massacre his fellow backpackers before Mia arrived.
The questions I ask myself are questions for which I know I will probably never get answers: why did these threats not trigger alarm bells with the staff at the hostel? And why was my girl placed in a dormitory with a potential killer, who had been ‘acting strangely’ in the weeks and months up to her arrival?
I’ll never know the answers. I can only guess that nobody cared enough to protect my daughter. A worker’s hostel where the profits of the illegal bar were more important than my daughter’s feeling of well-being (Mia told me about being screamed at by the owner for leaving a bottle of beer – gifted to her at the end of a long and arduous shift - on a shelf, because she didn’t know what else to do with it.) A hostel deliberately overcrowded for profit, where workers were encouraged to compete with each other for the minimal hours available, and consequently often fought pitched battles until the police were required to break things up. Where cannabis and other illegal drugs were at levels before unseen by hardened backpackers. Where a migrant labour force was not considered worth the trouble of induction into the very real dangers presented by snakes and other wildlife in the cane fields of Queensland.
My daughter was a migrant worker, and like migrant workers the world over, she was treated as a disposable commodity. And while as a white British parent of a girl just out of school with all the love of life in her eyes this is difficult to bear, it is a fact of life.
So Trump is right, there is a connection between my daughter and those travellers being stripped of their humanity and dignity in airports around the States. But it’s not the connection he would wish to make.
The connection is that Mia’s life – and those of the Muslims whose lives are now in turmoil all over the States and beyond as a result of a callous decree – are held in scant regard by a harsh and unforgiving system which puts profit above basic humanity.

Rosie, for the most part Trump is on your side and you think he's the enemy? Is that what you get from all this? Trump isn't a member of Islam by the way.

John Hamilton Your daughter died at the hands of a muslim infatuated with her who became angry when he found out she worked as a scantily clad waitress/female entertainer. Lets not make it into a labour issue, that's just not was it was. He was mad that his object of affection did not follow his ideas of how a woman should behave.....ideas he learned from his religion and upbringing. Shame on you for politicizing your daughters death into a left wing labour issue! Keep deluding yourself all you want, but you won't change the facts!


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