samedi 11 février 2017

algunos monstruos antes de la era de efectos especiales.

Stove Mask from Gorenger ep. 75

Katatsublar, a snail monster from Kamen Rider V3 

Claw Demon Agent Hasamiruge from Choujin Barom 1 ep. 30

TV Fly from Kamen Rider V3 eps. 3 & 4

Boat Ear Mask from Gorenger ep. 11

Big Ear Mask from Goranger ep. 55

Thorn Demon Agent Togegeruge from Choujin Barom 1 ep. 32

A design from Toei Super Sentai Creature Book. I’d scan the whole book cause it’s packed with amazingly crazy monster designs from sentai series.
I think this one is by Keita Amemiya.

Kyudora from Captain Ultra

Balunbolun from Kamen Rider Black RX ep. 36
okusatsu: The Early 1970s 

Water Absorbing Ninja Gamajakushi from episode 8 of Hurricaneger. 

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