mardi 24 janvier 2017

Insuperables imagenes de la Women's March

Lots of confused, unhappy, hateful folks marching for who knows what. From what I can tell nothing has happened to them to cause this hatred except that their candidate lost.
I feel sorry for all the people men and women who have so much hatred in their hearts and souls.
The people who organized and promoted yesterday are the epitome of hypocrisy, hate, arrogance and intolerance.
This is sad...the march was planned back in aug to celebrate killary..but Trump rained on their parade..alll that money wasted..or maybe not..they threw a temper tantrum instead

                                                           y esta otra, en Twitter 

.-Y a do va la señora-A la Plaza Roja, a cagarme en .

en CNN.
Loas a la sharia y a una representante del terrorismo DE HAMAS 

"El mal se hace todo junto y el bien se administra poco a poco"
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