dimanche 22 janvier 2017


Leftists friends, why would you protest against President Donald J. Trump with a Che Guevara flag? Also if you do so, it is a contradiction next to the rainbow flag because Ernesto Che Guevara would sent you to a forced labor camp to "straighten you up"

Nota blogger:

Y los demócratas  que tienen miedo  al "loco" de Trump, 
pueden explicar 
 por qué  no tienen miedo a esto?

And yet the people who attacked that guy are the ones who are "afraid in Trump's America."

Pieces of total shit. This is why they will NEVER win another election .
If they can't act civilized they have no place in society.
Whoever taught them this was ok . Failed them.

Their parents ? The educators ?
This is not acceptable . The silence from the left is all the more proof that the right person won the election .

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