dimanche 13 novembre 2016

Visitas medievales


Alderotti, Taddeo, 1223-1295.
Title:Leticha / del magnio filosefo Aristotile.
Origin:[Italy, ca. 1500]

Achangel Michael and John the Baptist
1346, fresco, Monestir de Pedralbes, Barcelona

Somme le Roi, Britanny 1464
BnF, Français 958, fol. 6v

Saint Barbara; German, probably Strasbourg, Alsace (present-day France), c. 1490

 I am the size of the universe and I am floating through space, everything is fine. P. 9, LJS 429.  Manuscript  De philosophia naturaliIllustrated introduction to natural philosophy, supposedly according to the principles of Isidore of Seville, but in fact representing later Aristotelian and Thomist thought and opposing the followers of Duns Scotus, including the 15th-century theologians Nicolas d'Orbelles (referred to in the manuscript as Dorbellus) and Etienne Brulefer (in the manuscript as Brulifer). Includes discussion of the proofs of existence of God; the use of the principle of deduction; the celestial spheres and compass points; and the elements, temperaments, and humors.

[De philosophia naturali] [manuscript].

[Mainz?, Germany, between 1485 and 1499]

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