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Lauren E. Simonutti

“Lauren E. Simonutti, 1968, USA, passed away last week due to complications from her illness. On March 28th, 2006 she started hearing voices and was diagnosed with “rapid cycling, mixed state bipolar with schizoaffective disorder”. She felt she was going mad and spent her last years almost in isolation. She turned the camera on herself and the space she was living in. She has left us with an impressive, honest and strong body of work. With her photographs she gave a voice to those that suffer in isolation.“
 Lauren E. Simonutti - De la série “ The Devil’s Alphabet ” , 2007

No such thing as silence
lauren e. simonutti

The Devil’s Alphabet series by Lauren-Rabbit (Lauren E. Simonutti 1968-2012)

Over (five) years I have spent alone amidst these 8 rooms, 7 mirrors, 6 clocks, 2 minds and 199 panes of glass. And this is what I saw here. This is what I learned. I figure it could go one of two ways - I will either capture my ascension from madness to as much a level of sanity for which one of my composition could hope, or I will leave a document of it all, in the case that I should lose.
—  Lauren E. Simonutti,

 Lauren E. Simonutti, Biding Time 

 Lauren E. Simonutti, Hula Hoop, 2011

Lauren E. Simonutti -   The Devil’s Alphabet: A (2007.)



Lauren E. Simonutti, Insomnia
Madness strips things down to their core. It takes everything and in exchange offers only more madness, and the occasional ability to see things that are not there.
—  Lauren E. Simonutti      Lauren E. Simonutti’s work. 
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